Coaching Credentials


You Must be registered with USA Hockey for the Upcoming Hockey Season

The USA Hockey CEP Classes are available for sign up now at

You must take the class every year until you reach level 3, your level 3 is good for 2 years and then can be re-certified online twice. Once you have your level 4 you won't need anymore.

USA Hockey National Background Screenings are good for 2 years (you can check your status at the Coaches Self Portal)

Age Specific Modules must be completed for your coaching age group – these do not expire (check your status at Coaches Self Portal)

*CPYHA will reimburse only coaching clinic fees, module fees, and screening fees

CPYHA Team Volunteer Requirements:



USA Hockey


USA Hockey Background Screening[1] USA Hockey Safesport Module[2] USA Hockey Age Specific Modules[3] USA Hockey CEP Clinics[4]
Penalty Box/Score Keeper No Recommended Recommended No No
Locker Room Monitor Recommended Required Required No No
Team Manager Required Required Required No No
Assistant Coach Required Required Required Required Required
Head Coach Required Required Required Required Required
CPYHA Board Required Required Required No No

[1] Screening fee reimbursed by CPYHA.
[2] Free with USA Hockey registration.
[3] Module fee reimbursed by CPYHA.
[4] Clinic registration fee reimbursed by CPYHA.

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Coaches can check their own Coaching Credentials thru the Self Portal.

This will show current and past certifications and expiration dates Coaches


USA Hockey Registration (USA Barcode)


USA Hockey Safe Sport Training:


USA Hockey Coaches Education Program (CEP) Clinic Information:


USA Hockey Age Specific Modules:


USA Hockey National Background Screening

USA Hockey CEP # Lookup and Information: