League Documents
The following Documents can be found on the Forms and Documents Page
  • The Current By-Laws of The Clifton Park Youth Hockey Association
  • The Current Policies of The Clifton Park Youth Hockey Association
  • 2014-2015 Major/Minor Policy
  • CPYHA Conflict of Interest Form
Please Note:  
The CPYHA Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, they are open to the membership. The locations may vary, check the calendar on the home page for information.  
2023 - 2024 Board of Directors
President Tom Rourke     
Vice President Meghan Forcier    
Vice President Levi Parmerter    
Secretary Amanda Costantino    

Kelly Meyer

Master Ice Scheduler Rob McCarthy  
Equipment/Merchandise Tracy McCarthy    
ACE Coordinator

Scott Gauthier

Tournament Director Kelly Allard    
Dir of Player Development Pierre Leblond    
Girls Director Terry Chapkosky    
18U/16U Director    
14U Director Mike Hipwell    
Club Hockey      
12U Director    
10U Director


8U Director    
6U Director

Scott Kagan

Website Art Sassone    

Non-Voting Positions

Player Advocate


Al LaPage

Nathan Czamara


Karen as Director of Communications and Fundraising

Karen Laber    
 Dynamo Director Pierre Leblond    

CPYHA Board of Directors Job Descriptions

President Top of Page

  • General Manager of the organization

  • Skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of the organization

  • Is the official face of our CPYHA to outside organizations, the Northern Zone and NY State Amateur Youth hockey

  • Oversees and guides executive team and organization at large

  • Develops organization that can field multi level teams from state championship level Tier II travel teams down to Mite house league

Vice Presidents Top of Page

  • Mutually divide up major body of organizational work with majority of non executive board positions and committees reporting up into a VP

  • Oversee integrity of all positions and policy and procedures are followed

  • Provide leadership, interpret by laws when required, build consensus and overall health of the organization

  • Manage relationship with rink management and town of Clifton Park

Treasurer Top of Page

  • Develops the budget and all billing processes

  • Develops and administers the team managers guide book

  • Manages Ice-scheduler and reconciles all ice billing

  • Handles all governmental filings on a timely basis

  • Insures proper auditing procedures are in place

Secretary Top of Page

  • Sets agendas and manages monthly board meetings

  • Works with Treasurer to insure all proper filings such as insurance, memberships and fees are all up to date

  • Attends all important USA meetings requiring President or VP attendance

  • Manages web master to insure proper compliance and integrity is maintained with CPYHA site

  • Develops overall communication policy and monthly news letter for organization that minimizes cost and maximizes technology

ACE Coordinator (Formally part of Coaching Director) Top of Page

  • Organize and Participate in Coaching Selection Committee

  • General Manager of Coaching Staff

  • Represent CPYHA in Coaching Forum

  • Maintain USA Hockey Coaching Education Program for CPYHA

  • Screening Compliance of Coaches

  • Prepare, distribute, and evaluate Coaching Performance Evaluations

Director of Player Development (Formally part of Coaching Director) Top of Page

  • Participate in Coaching Selection

  • Organize/Coordinate Tryouts

  • Evaluate Players in Tryouts

  • Coordinate Summer Programs

  • Coordinate Preseason clinics

  • Participate in Tournament Organization

  • Recommend Contract Skills Coaches

  • Schedule Contract Skills Coaches

Ice Scheduler Top of Page

  • Helps negotiate and manage ice contract

  • Develops fair and best utilization of ice to insure lowest cost to our members

  • Communicates timely schedules for practice and game ice

  • Develops and communicates monthly ice bills for each team

  • Works closely with all facets of the board

  • Coordinates / schedules referees for all games

  • Develops tournament game ice schedule

Registrar Top of Page

  • Maintains integrity of player registration

  • Reviews policies and procedures to insure players and organization have proper credentials

  • Keeps updated master league roster at all times

  • Formulates and revises registration policy to reflect organization?s needs

  • Organizes and communicates registration requirements on a timely basis

18U, 14U, 12U and 10UDirectors Top of Page

  • Insure league guidelines and policies are followed

  • Mediate issues within their Division

  • Short Bi-weekly report Sept ? March to Assigned VP and Coaching Director on general affairs of Division

  • Participate in coaching selection committee

  • Insure timely and accurate submission of team rosters and finances

  • Insures all registered players are advised of tryout times and schedules

8U Top of Page

  • Insure house team selection process is fairly administered and works with

  • Coaching Director to make changes if needed

  • Educates families on the rigors of travel hockey i.e. time commitments, costs etc.

  • Re-enforces the goals of the program and conducts parent meetings as needed

  • Advertises as required to encourage new membership and fill team slots

  • Order Mini-Mite jerseys and have names and numbers placed on jerseys

  • Mediate issues within their Division

6U Director Top of Page

  • Place 6U Mini-Mite Announcement in local newspapers in August/September

    Discuss 6U Mini-Mite program (schedule, equipment, special events, etc) with prospective parents. Send out welcome emails to new/returning families.

    Update schedule on the 6u webpage, as well as update the webpage itself periodically

    Set up Jamborees with other local YHAs/work with league scheduler with ice times

    With help from Ron Kuhl/staff, organize teams based on age/skill; do periodic assessments to move players around

    Order 6U jerseys, organize players numbers (and last name if wanted ) on jerseys

    Arrange for Albany Devil and/or ADK Thunder player visits, and Albany Devil skate events.

    Order and hand out end-of-season trophies

    Attend CPYHA Board of Director Monthly Meetings as a voting member

    Serve as liaison between Mini-Mite parents and CPYHA Board of Directors

    Mediate issues within their Division

    Pick team parent(s) to help be your assistant(s)

    Organize coaches for Monday night practices, check with Ron Kuhl on lesson plans and forward/organize stations with coaches.

    Organize end of year party at last game/hand out trophies.
    With 8U director and league president, organize 4th of July parade float/march for kids

Tournament Director Top of Page

  • Formulates Tournament dates and readies for website posting by July 1

  • Cultivates list of tournament contacts to the extent possible given the changing nature of position from organization to organization

  • Pre screens teams for competitive balance

  • Point person for CPYHA fielding and routing interested parties to Division

  • Director, team coach/scheduler/ or manager as needed

  • Instructs / educates team tournaments coordinators on the how too?s for successful tournament execution

  • Insures proper credentials such as rosters and entry fees are received on a timely basis

  • Works with hotel coordinator and ice scheduler to insure that selected tournament dates are agreeable with rink and hotels maximizing out of town revenue

Web Master Top of Page

  • Communicates with broad spectrum of membership on a regular basis

  • Approaches development CPYHA website as an asset and marking tool for our organization

  • Insures league is in compliance with federal guidelines

  • Insures ease of access to the site for all members and visitors

  • Develops and manages site as a one stop shop for all critical information

  • Stays current on general website application and is technically knowledgeable in the field of website management or development

  • Responsive to requests and insures information is current

Equipment Manager Top of Page

  • Insures proper policies and procedures are in place for the handling of all league property

  • Keeps Jerseys in organized state in the off season and supervises the distribution and collection of all jerseys, equipment, medical kits as an example

  • Insures all deposits and fines are collected on a timely basis

  • Orders merchandise, jerseys, pucks, medical supplies as needed to meet current organization needs

  • Consistently approaches the job with an eye for 3 to 6 months out to constantly be evaluating and supporting the leagues needs.

Ways and Means committee (non voting) Top of Page

  • General purpose is to bring funds into the league to reduce overall costs for families playing in CPYHA

  • Negotiates and manages team pictures and sponsor plaque program

  • Seeks ways to generate large corporate donations of $1,000 or more

  • Creative ideas for general fund raising

Player Advocate (non voting) Top of Page

  • Mediates (on players behalf) issues that could pertain to disciplinary matters, tryouts or other issues that would result from disputes requiring resolution