2015 - 2016 Club Hockey

Thank you for your interest in the Clifton Park Club Hockey program.  We will have a full schedule for the months of November and December - details to be distributed soon (typically one practice during the week and one game on the weekend). In the interim, tell your friends about it and encourage them to send an email to CliftonParkClubHockey@gmail.com to express interest.

Here are the steps for 2014-2015 CPYHA Registration (should take 10-15 minutes/player)

1 - Register with USAHOCKEY at www.usahockeyregistration.com as a Player and print out your barcode receipt. The 14 digit number (ends with some version of your last name) under the barcode is your registration # with USAHOCKEY for the 2013-2014 season. The cost for players over 6 years old is $43.00.  ($40 for USA Hockey & $3 for local region fees)
Note that this step is mandatory to register with CPYHA.

2 - Click on the Registration link below. This will take you to the online registration process.

NOTE: If your son or daughter is a player that was not with CPYHA last season (2013 - 2014), you are required by USAHOCKEY’s Northern Zone (NY State) to obtain a Player Release form from the organization that you were with last season. This release form must be signed by the President or VP of the prior organization and faxed (1-866-777-0432) or emailed to Scott Kopraski (email: skopraski2@nycap.rr.com) prior to completing Step #3 below. Failure to send the release form will mean that you are NOT yet registered with CPYHA and you therefore may miss the opportunity to join CPYHA.

3 - The first time you register a child in your family, you will want to select New User and follow the steps on each screen. After completing the registration process- you will have an account with an email address and password. There will be another secure link on our main website to check your account or update information throughout the season. On your last screen- there will be a Cart option to add another participant. This will re-start the process for your 2nd child... The good news is that the medical information and much of the rest will be automatically populated to save you some time. Sibling discounts of $25 will be applied as in the past. You can review everything in your Cart before processing the registration. Once you agree with what is in your CART, it will take you to the checkout process.

4- After completing the process you will receive a confirmation email with your order and a second email with details of your account creation.

I am available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have at 518-269-0229 or via emails at Skopraski2@nycap.rr.com.


(registration link)

If you don't yet have equipment, the following list represents the minimum gear required:
Helmet with face mask


Neck Guard

Elbow pads
Shin pads
Hockey gloves
Hockey pants

We're continuing to collect donated equipment (although most of it is in smaller sizes) and will have it available at the start of the season. Also, Play It Again sports in Latham has both used and new equipment.  Don't forget about Chase Hockey, now located near the rink (in plaza behind Stewarts on south side of Rt 146).

Keep in mind that we are still a young program. The more volunteers we get and the more players at all different ability levels the better. (If you haven't already, let us know if you're willing to help coordinate on or off the ice or if you have ideas to better publicize the program).

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice.... More details to follow. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please click here to see more details.
Check back for more info on Clifton Park Club Hockey!

Scott Kopraski

Club Director